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Ship management

Ship Management

KMSM provides High standard of ship management services to our fleet;

  • Oil Tanker
  • Liquefied Petroleum Gas Carrier
  • Liquefied Natural Gas Carrier
  • LNG fuel bunkering vessel

We are driving forward the daily management with every possible measure from both Software and Hardware aspects.

In order to maintain a high quality management and high performance, KMSM complies along-with the ISM Code and ISPS Code by the International Maritime Organization (IMO), Additionally, consolidating a comprehensive ship management system by proactively introducing TMSA. TMSA is a self-assessment system in Tanker/LPG/LNG fleet management provided by OCIMF.

This continuous improvement of management will lead towards highest level of quality ship management. We remain committed towards the universal management goal of operational excellence by achieving the ultimate objectives of – Zero Accident, Zero pollution, Zero detentions and Zero Off-hires.

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